Rafter SB, RSB, IDFR are all from my breeding!  These are flock prefixes for registered sheep and will appear before the name
of the registered sheep.
An asterick (*) after Flock Prefixes, indicates I purchased the sheep from an unregistered flock.
After passing a photo inspection, the sheep is now fully registered.
The baa's have quieted.  No longer heard in the barn.  The fleeting glimpse of  the
Guardian Dogs as they race from one pasture corner to another - forever on alert to
protect the flock - is no more.

At Rafter SB/Iron Diamond Farm, life changes and we have had to say goodbye to our
farm in Ohio. We had searched across the nation, bringing the best genetics home.
And now it is time to say goodbye.  While we still own stock, we no longer live and
work and dream in Ohio. Our bloodlines continue from Massachusetts to Texas and
one day, maybe, one day, the baas will be back.

Please enjoy the pictures of our sheep, past and present and our beloved guardians.